The future in System Monitoring and Pump Control

The Eboxx - is a range of multi-functioning monitoring systems with the capability of communicating with a Cloud Portal via either Ethernet or GSM modules. The Eboxx creates a virtual event history of the installation, allowing you to monitor and analyse the data logged in order to reduce maintenance requirements and overall improve efficiency. The Eboxx allows all information to be viewed on any web-enabled device and any alarms status signals can be emailed or text to multiple recipients. All settings are changeable via the Cloud allowing a module to be shipped to site and then remotely configured.

  • Interface Module setup/disable
  • Running set points
  • Event Logging configuration
  • Alarms Notification configuration
  • Override On/Off of individual Event logging & Alarm notifications
  • Run reports to screen and CSV file download/export

Intelligent Portal Features

Pump Control

Simple control and monitoring of your pump system through remote capabilities.

Equipment Status

Reduce costs and increase productivity through reduced operator management.


Easy to install, simple to use, adjusted to meet your specific requirements.


Reporting package, providing data to assist in detailed monitoring and to aid in meeting Environment Agency regulations.


Useful diagnostic tool with an on board facility which constantly monitors and plots real time data, such as levels and flow.

SMS / Email Alarm

Alarm system, alerting you to potential faults, safeguarding pumps and downtime.

Portal Screenshots

Portal Applications